Radar: Rumored Director, Purple People Eater and Remix

May 22, 2009 By Jordan Miller

First off, let’s all thank BRITANNICA for this ugly *purple* version of the “Radar” single cover, though she claims it’s pink.

Like the original wasn’t bad enough!

She’s a little slow that one, we’ll forgive her.

Speaking of “Radar,” rumored director is UK based Neil Gorringe, the director of the **** Skins trailers, after saying the following on his official Facebook:

Interesting! Perhaps Britney will shoot the video during her London “Circus” performances in early June! Green lasers and the London Bridge, please.

And to top of this epic “Radar” post, enjoy this new remix, titled “Radar Strobelight Mix” (ugly purple and yellow included!), courtesy of BreatheHeavy member *Radar*.

Think you can handle that?