Britney was “robotic and out of it” at her Fantasy Twist fragrance shoot at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California last week, according to

One source says she was smoking cigarettes “incessantly” during frequent breaks and didn’t talk to anyone.

“Britney didn’t interact with the cast or crew at all during the two day shoot and she seemed to be just going through the motions when the camera was rolling, and seemed out of it.”

“Britney was almost robotic in her movements. Britney’s fiance, Jason Trawick was along for the shoot and everyone thought at first he was her assistant because she spent so much time huddled up with him when not filming. Britney must have smoked at least a pack a day during the two day shoot and was always smoking when not filming. Security was very tight and Britney had more bodyguards than usual and was kept out of sight from visitors to the Queen Mary.”

Britney posted two photos from the shoot, including a Cleopatra costume, and channeled Jean Harlow in another.

“Britney spent a lot of time in hair and make-up and nervously bit her fingernails and kept smoking throughout,” the source says.

“She looked amazing though and her fans will love the commercial. Britney did was what asked of her and the end result worked, but the crew wondered why there was such a heightened presence of security.”

“It was just a bit over the top and security even stayed after the shoot to make sure that no one took any pictures of Britney as she left.”

File this under the ******** category!

UPDATE: Billy B called this article out on Twitter, saying:

THE Rumor about @britneyspears is ********. her job is not to entertain a crew She kicked *** on Set + looked amazing doing it Period

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