Yeezys, iced coffee, Kate Hudson, happy tears.


Yeezys, iced coffee, Kate Hudson, happy tears.

Britney played a game called “What was the last…” in the new issue of Elle magazine. The objective? Britney had to fill in the blank to questions posed by Elle, and her answers are forthright and semi-cryptic. For instance, the last time Britney said she cried was when Sean Preston was born. False. She clearly cried that one time her dog Hannah ate her cheese.  I’m also curious what Britney is reading right now. There’s a lot to dissect here.

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I think it’s best just to relay the information and let you carry on with your hunt to find the Britney Pepsi cans. I’m not good at multi-tasking, either.


What was the last… time you felt really happy?
Britney: Every day being a mom. It’s the best job!


What was the last… thing you bought with cash?
Britney: Iced coffee and snacks for the boys.


What was the last… skincare product you used?
Britney: Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules


What was the last… photo you took on your phone?
Britney: One of my boys


What was the last… party you went to?
Britney: At my friend Cade’s house, for his birthday.


What was the last… investment piece you purchased?
Britney: A watch.


What was the last… piece of clothing you bought?
Britney: A pair of booties by Christian Louboutin.


What was the last… vacation you took?
Britney: At a private resort in Hawaii. I love the ocean.


What was the last… time you cried?
Britney: Happy tears, the day my son [Sean] Preston was born.


What was the last… romantic night you had?
Britney: At a basketball game with my love [Sam Asghari].


What was the last… fragrance you spritzed?
Britney: My new fragrance, Sunset Fantasy.


What was the last… song you played on rotation?
Britney: “My Gente” by J Balvin and Willy William.


What was the last… account you followed on social media?
Britney: @katehudson


What was the last… gift you gave?
Britney: Yeezys to my boys. They were so happy that they called people to tell them.


What was the last… beauty product you applied?
Britney: Mascara.


What was the last… book you read?
Britney: I love to read – I read multiple books at the same time.


What was the last… meal you cooked?
Britney: Spaghetti and meatballs.


What was the last… time you were starstruck?
Britney: When I met Brad Pitt.


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