Britney Spears
Greatest Hits : My Prerogative

** out of 5

A tale of ever-decreasing blonde ambition.

It’s hard to imagine Britney Spears actually existing outside an expecially feeble TV movie. Her morality tale is over familiar, but with marriage, each uninspiring album and each lacklustre tour, her stock slips further and the trailer park beckons more frantically.

Today, the public disinterest in her music is matched only by the dishevelled icon’s disinterest in what, after all, is supposed to be her career. Greatest Hits : My Prerogative probably marks the end.

Wisely it is not sequenced chronologically. If it were, these 20 tracks would showcase her callapse from the joyous, world-at-her-feet pop masterwork that is …Baby One More Time to 2004 when she is patently desperate for a hit but so lazy about it that she covers Bobby Brown’s My Prerogative.

Despite the taut toxic, Spears has neither the voice nor the attitude to do cutting edge, melody free dance. However, give her a jaunty pop song {Oops I Did it Again, Sometimes} and she’s as happy as the Mickey Mouse Clubber she remains at heart. There is one possible source of salvation: Everytime was evidence that, while she is hardly Celine Dion, Spears can bluff her way through a ballad. Broadway Awaits.


Redeeming Track: …Baby One More Time Thanks

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