All dolls are created equal.

The Pussycat Dolls debuted a bit of new single, “React,” during their comeback performance on The X Factor. The full single was expected to drop on Friday, January 24, but it’s been pushed to February 7. A demo leaked online. Unfortunately we can’t link to it, but it’s a quick Google search away.

It appears the ladies had a change of heart regrading the single cover. The first version of the “React” cover art featured a closeup of all their faces. Only one of their eyes could be seen minus lead singer Nicole Scherzinger – she had both. A Tweet pointing out the awkward truth went viral on Twitter.

The latest edition is entirely different.

It’s a full-body shot of the girls on set of their forthcoming music video. Expect more all-out choreography in water.

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  1. It would look odd if she would be pictured with one eye, right there in the middle. She’s still a lead singer in the group. Hopefully rest of the girls are more involved too and I hope for a lasting of the group, since it’s a good job for the girls and may lead to their succesful solo projects (well, in theory)

  2. OK I think we need to finally stop expecting more from the group: it’s Nicole Scherzinger with four backup dancers, that’s it, period. Now stop complaining and let me enjoy whatever they send our way because at least we can be sure that all these five grown women AGREED to this, so it’s not like they’re being held hostage or exploited (at least not Melody!)

  3. She’s the face of PCD, when the average person thinks of PCD she’s who they think of. She’s also the most relevant one that’s had the most successful career since the group ended. If NSYNC reunited you know Justin would be front and center, if it was Destiny’s child, it’d be Beyonce. It’s just how it is, should Carmit be the center of attention? Considering she didn’t even stick around for the 2nd album?

  4. It’s beyond me that people are still pressed about Nicole getting more attention than the rest of the group. Jesus Christ…… they’re all adults, everyone agreed to return. Can we just let it happen already? Everyone’s out here pissed off at a single cover, meanwhile I’m over here going WHY THE HELL DON’T WE HAVE THE SONG NICOLE!?

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