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It Appears That Pussycat Dolls Reunion Might Finally Be Happening

The Pussycat Dolls reunion is “in the works!”

Reunion, girls?


The original dolls are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Doll Domination, the girls’ second and final studio album. 

They shared the love on Instagram this week, including lead singer, Nicole Scherzinger. 

Dolls creator Robin Antin, who is currently creating ~the next generation~ PCD group with Pia Mia as the frontwoman, also joined in on the love fest, and included a very questionable bit that’s leading fans to believe the Next Generation group is over before it ever began, because she wants the original group to reunite. Literally. She wrote in a post on Instagram:



“REUNION GIRLS? I’m ready when you are!”


It’s been almost entire year since the official PCD Instagram account was resurrected, so at this point I won’t hold my breath. But can you imagine if they joined forces once more and went on tour with Danity Kane? They could take all my money!


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Can’t believe it’s the 10 year anniversary of #DollDomination ? So many great memories with my girls. What are your favorite songs?!

A post shared by Nicole Scherzinger (@nicolescherzinger) on

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Yoooo… ? crazy!! Over 3 million albums sold worldwide, #DollDomination turns 10 today. What’s your favorite song? #DollDomination10

A post shared by Melody Thornton (@melodythornton) on


EARLIER // JANUARY 22, 2018:

The Pussycat Dolls reunion is “in the works!”



If you’re a PCD stan like me, you’ve known for months the Pussycat Dolls are readying a comeback. It all started when an Instagram and website for the group launched simultaneously.

But it wouldn’t be a proper PCD reunion without some drama, right? A former member(?) claimed the girls were involved in a drug fueled prostitution ring. Creator Robin Antin quickly and vehemently denied that.

Then lead singer, Nicole Scherzinger, had a very interesting admission about said reunion. “I like to walk the walk, not talk the talk,” she told The Sun lasT November. “So until I actually make it happen, it doesn’t happen!” She added: “I know what I dream of and what I aspire to, and I just hope I’m back on tour soon in whatever shape or form that is because that’s where I’m meant to be.” Hopefully the other ladies didn’t read that out of context.

If that wasn’t convincing, Antin said yes, the reunion is still in the works.

“Let’s just say it’s in the works,” Antin said. “The girls are back together as far as like… I just got a text from Nicole. Let’s just say… just be ready. Get your outfits. Get out your Pussycat Doll hoodies… It’s coming.”

To be honest… that did NOT sound very promising and I’m scared this all just fell through before it even got started. Robin getting a text from Nicole. What am I supposed to do with that?!

And, someone give Melody Thornton a buzz, yeah?


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  1. Omg robin needs to lay off the Botox tho her face looks like it is melting ? anyways once all the girls get parts I’m down for the reunion

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