Let’s inspect the evidence.

You be the judge.

Rihanna’s shoe collaboration with PUMA is getting ripped off by Forever 21 and Topshop, and the retail mega-company is doing something about it.

On Friday (March 31), TMZ reported that PUMA has gone to federal court to accuse Forever 21 of illegally knocking off several designs from Rih’s Fenty collection. The docs state that Forever 21 has jacked at least three of the shoe designs: the Creeper, the Bow Slide and the Fur Slide. Meanwhile, Topshop also has their own renditions of the trio up for sale, so Rih’s influence is clearly making its way around the fast-fashion retailers on the scene.

In a statement, PUMA declared that they have “[I]mmediately reacted to the knock-offs that are being offered by Topshop in their shops and online and has successfully applied for a preliminary injunction which orders Topshop to not sell anymore of their knock-offs of the Puma by Rihanna models creeper, fur slide, and bow slide. The injunction has been granted by the High Court of Düsseldorf which has substantiated its decision with the fact that the Topshop copies infringe both Puma’s design rights and also have to be considered as unfair competition/passing off.”

PUMA also admitted that they keep a particularly low stock of her shoes to create a demand for the “luxury product,” and Forever 21 and Topshop are basically messing that that sort of strategy. Now, of course, PUMA holds the patents and copyrights for the entire shoe line, so it’s no surprise that they’re suing the companies to immediately shut down the sales of all the replica items and expects all the profits from the items.

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