A psychic Reads Britney who claims she’s read Britney before, goes into detail about her past, current and future relationships.

She says that Britney’s still slightly hung up on ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, but there’s been too much damage done and she’ll never re-engage with him again.

“Too much damage was done… If Justin hadn’t played Britney the way he played her when he created that song about their breakup… in the back of Britney’s mind I think she still thinks about Justin… Justin is not good for you. There’s something about Justin that’s very immature in relationships.”

She says she sees Britney getting pregnant in the next eight months (possibly with David) and will probably marry him!

She says he’s very nurturing and doesn’t judge her.

The psychic then goes on to say Britney may have some communication conflict with her mom Lynne.

Check out the full reading below: