PSY & Snoop Dogg Release "Hangover" Music Video

Korean pop star Psy (“Gangnam Style”) released a new music video with Snoop Dogg for his latest single, “Hangover.”

It’s a few minute so of your life you’ll never get back, but it’s worth the sacrifice to watch the forced awkwardness ensue.

“Hangover” is the first confirmed single taken from his upcoming full-length LP, scheduled to be released later this year via YG, School Boy and Republic Records.

PSY and Snoop appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Game Night special on June 5 where they debuted a clip from the new track’s music video during the show. PSY said the single has a total different style from his previous hits with a more hip-hop vibe, and he’s not wrong.

‘Hangover‘ will be released on digital retailers on June 8th.

Check it out for yourself: