PSY returns in a huge, viral way.

PSY returns in a huge, viral way.

A lot has changed in the five years since “Gangnam Style” broke the Internet and taught you a one-two step gallop. Miley Cyrus killed off Hannah Montana with a foam finger and giant teddy bear, The Chainsmokers became a thing and Donald Trump is now President. What a time to be alive! We’re all still figuring out our place in 2017, including K-pop superstar PSY. He hasn’t come close to recreating the insurmountable success he saw with that song, but he’s back with a couple of new videos that’ll at least try to. They are for songs titled “New Face” and “I LUV IT” off his eighth studio album 4X2=8 out today (May 10).

In “New Face,” PSY does his best to win over co-star Naeun of K-pop girl group Apink. The track is a high energy, electro-tinged club anthem about hooking up with as many girls as possible. “Yes I want some new face / Baby you know what I wanna do / I’m not gonna lie / I can’t deny if it’s wrong why does it feel right.”

The other, “I LUV IT,” is a response to doubters sipping the Haterade. “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” singer Pikotaro also makes a brief cameo, because viral Internet sensations gotta stick together.

Watch both videos then stream 4X2=8 via Apple Music below:

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