Britney Spears’ driving-without-a-license case has been steered off course once again.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge on Thursday postponed the troubled pop star’s long-pending trial on the misdemeanor charge until June 18.

The continuance was expected, as Spears is currently unable to enter a plea on her own behalf, due to being under the control of a legal conservatorship.

Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Michael Amerian told E! News on Wednesday that he anticipated “no fireworks” in court.

“I don’t expect anything to happen, especially with her not being able to enter a plea,” he said.

Spears’ criminal attorney, J. Michael Flanagan, was reportedly unable to attend the hearing because he was in trial, but sent an associate from his firm on his behalf. Judge T.K. Herman, who has been presiding over the case, was also absent and was replaced by a substitute.

Spears herself was neither required, nor expected, to be present.

The driving-without-a-license charge stems from the pop star’s August 2007 hit-and-run accident, which occurred in front of the paparazzi’s every-ready cameras.

Though Spears eventually reached a settlement with the owner of the other car, it was later discovered that she was not in possession of a valid California driver’s license at the time of the incident. She did, however, have a valid Louisiana license, which has led to confusion over which law she specifically violated.



Prosecutors refused to drop driving without a license charges against Britney Spears on Thursday.

Her lawyer Charlie Unger had pleaded that Spears, 26, “seems to be getting her life together. She has nothing on her record other than the infraction-type tickets we all get.”

But Los Angeles city attorney Michael Amerian said Spears’ hit-and-run charge had already been dropped from the incident last August when her Mercedes hit a parked car.

Pursuing the driving without a license charges, Amerian argued, is “the fairest way to treat her. [We’re] not affected by her celebrity status.”

The case will continue June 18.

Spears’ attorney, Unger, told Access Hollywood, “We’re still hoping we can work this all out.”


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