Over before it even began.

Over before it even began.

No one asked for American Idol to return, but alas it’s 2017 and nothing really makes sense anymore. The show secured Katy Perry as one of their staple judges, but unfortunately they haven’t had much luck securing anyone else in the time since. It might have to do with the $25 million they reportedly offered her; that ate a big chunk of the show’s production budget.

Today (Sep. 14) is the last stop for tour bus auditions, TMZ reports. In a few short weeks, the planned taped auditions with the judges begins. Here’s the kicker: producers haven’t locked in anyone else besides Miss Katy, and it might delay the show which would inevitably conflict with Perry’s Witness Tour.

AI reportedly has their sights set on nabbing Luke Bryan as a judge, but they can’t offer him anywhere near the $25 mill that Katy’s getting. They tried to sweeten the deal by offering promotional ties to Disney, but Bryan took a pass.

Internet theories suggest the show is purposely delaying the show to conflict with Perry’s Witness Tour so she’s forced to drop out, which would mean they could use those extra millions to entice other celebrities to judge. It sounds like a conspiracy, but makes total sense.

You know the show shouldn’t return when AI alums Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson would rather appear on The Voice then the show that launched their careers. Let sleeping dogs lie, AI.

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