Producer Leaked All Of Dr. Luke’s Stems Online

March 9, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Dr. Luke’s bad day just got worse.


Samples credited to Dr. Luke that are used in songs for Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Kanye West were posted to the Internet today.

After it was widely reported Sony would drop Dr. Luke in the near future from public pressure over his lawsuit with Kesha, a producer by the name of Ly Moula Tweeted a link to Google Drive that contained a zip folder with all of Luke’s stems, samples, beats and creations in his arsenal – it’s what Luke uses to create a song. The Tweet was RTed hundreds of times and ultimately forced the Google link to crash, though he assured fans it’s getting re-uploaded.

The initial zip folder contained 15 folders inside of it, each containing dozens of high quality, crisp sounds that are recognizable. One folder in particular caught our attention – labeled “dope hits,” and featured the intro horns to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance,” parts of “Poker Face,” the electro synths heard at the end of Britney Spears’ “Radar” and beats for Kanye, M.I.A., Diplo and Beyonce.

We’d like to note Dr. Luke is not a credited producer on “Just Dance,” “Poker Face” or “Radar.”



Complex spoke with Moula over the phone regarding the situation.

“He explained that he came into possession of the samples and drum kits over the summer, but couldn’t say exactly how, because of an NDA he signed. Moula said he was contemplating uploading the files for weeks, and dropped them today after news broke that Luke might be out at Sony.”

Dr. Luke’s lawyers refuted the claims Sony will drop him, claiming they have an “excellent” relationship.

Hours later, Moula posted on Twitter he goes “way back” with Kesha and is unbothered whether Dr. Luke decides to go after him or not.

Moula might be safe – Luke has bigger fish to fry.

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