EXHALE is abuzz with new music news regarding electro-pop writer/producer/artist Jon Asher working with Britney (example [1] [2] [3] [4])!

Asher was recently contacted by Britney’s management to submit material for Britney’s new album rumored to debut sometime later this year.

Now, Jon Asher himself is opening up about working with Britney on her new album!

For now, I’ve only submitted songs for the next album. I’m trying to develop an exciting new sound for her. Give Britney more of an “Epic” feel, said Asher.

But, what exactly does Jon mean by “Epic”?

Epic Pop is a genre that I am pioneering at the moment. Music that has meaning. It’s not your everyday pop love bug sound. Its upbeat rhythms and sounds with meaningful emotional lyrics that people can feel. Something that truly moves you.

And it looks like Asher knows his Britney music alright!

I’m caught between Blackout and In the Zone. “Unusual You” from the Circus album and “Break the Ice” from her Blackout album [are my favorite Britney songs].

Wise words from the 21-year-old producer.

Check out one of his demos for Brit:

Can’t wait to see what’s to come!

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