The album is apparently finished, but Travis Scott is casting major doubt in Rihanna’s mind.


Producer Glass John says Travis Scott is to blame for Rihanna’s ANTi delay.

If you’re wondering why Rihanna’s ANTi album launch is a slow, confusing series of mishaps, you’re not alone. Each week, new rumors surface claiming she’ll surprise-release the record in a several days time, but we’re nearing 2016 with no concrete evidence she’ll drop it any time soon. What gives?

It’s Travis Scott’s fault, at least according to producer Glass John who’s behind several ANTi tracks, including one titled “Kiss It Better.”

“He’s wasting valuable studio time trying to come up with a song that can top ‘Kiss It Better’ and he cannot because it’s the beat(sic) damn song,” Scott says in one of his Tweets. He also admits the album is done and was meant to debut in November before getting pushed back for a Christmas release.

“The album would’ve been out on Chrismas(sic). If Travis hadn’t convinced Rihanna that wasn’t good enough. What has he produced to say this!!?!!!”

Glass went on an endless rant via Twitter to express his distaste towards Scott, who he claims is casting major doubt in Riri’s mind about whether her forthcoming record is up to par or not. Glass says Scott’s influence is to blame why the album hasn’t seen the light of day, and he’s had it.

He’s worried Scott is pushing Rihanna towards releasing an “all trap” album which would steer her away from the sound The Navy has grown to love. The sound she’s familiar racking up No. 1s with.

See the rant below:

Via LoveBScott

In recent months, Rihanna has said many times the album won’t be out until it’s finished (according to her standards). Travis Scott might not feel it’s up to par and expressed that to Rih, but we can’t imagine she’d agree mindlessly.

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