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Producer Burns Calls Britney Spears “A Massive Legend”

Britney told fans last year she was “making magic in the studio” with producer Burns, and now we have a little more insight.



Britney told fans last year she was “making magic in the studio” with producer Burns, and now we have a little more insight.

There’s a lot of confusion as to when Britney’s new single “Make Me” drops, but one thing’s for sure: it’s coming. Word on the street is Burns, who’s collaborated on remixes for Iggy Azalea, Nelly Furtado, Marina And The Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, Charli XCX and Calvin Harris on remixes, and produced songs for Ellie Goulding (“Midas Touch”), “Pitbull” and most recently… Elliphant’s “Hit & Run,” produced the lead single. We suspect that because he Tweeted a quote taken directly from a report that said “Make Me” is “totally different and somewhat unexpected.”


Now Burns is opening up about his time with the Queen, telling Vegas‘ Seven magazine: “I can’t say too much about it, but we’ve been in the studio a bunch of times over the last three or four months,” he said of her new music. “She’s working on stuff for her new record. All I can say is that hopefully we’ll hear some of it soon.”

When pushed a little further of collaborating with the superstar, Burns said this: “It’s crazy for someone like me, because she’s such a massive legend. She’s this crazy entity [with a] huge, ridiculous fan base. She’s been doing it for so long, since she was so young. So it’s such a privilege for a producer like me to meet someone of that stature. I’m excited by it. I’m just glad to be able to be doing it right now.”

Seven suggests the music the two made together will be “targeted toward the mainstream music consumer,” but think again.

“I never like to stick to one kind of sound or genre,” he clarifies. “I like to dabble, which keeps things interesting for me. Most producers would agree with that. If you repeat yourself too much, it can get boring doing the same kind of things over and over. If I can do club records one day and then the next day be in the studio with a pop act making something for the radio, that’s great for me. Over the last year I’ve been producing club records and then stuff that’s pop records for radio and hip-hop stuff and R&B stuff. I just like making music.”



Making magic in the studio with @thisisburns4real yesterday! ✌

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