Producer Glass John claims Beyonce and Jay Z are working on an album of duets.


Are Beyonce and Jay Z teaming up for an album? Is Rihanna Tweeting from another account?

That’s what a music producer who is currently knee deep in a Twitter meltdown, Glass John, is claiming.

On Sunday (Dec. 27), John blasted out a slew of Tweets claiming Rihanna’s ANTi album is seeing delays due to Travis Scott casting doubt in her mind. A day later, John is continuing the Twitter rant with the help of… Rihanna?

He’s alleging Rihanna took over his Twitter account and blasted out a series of messages about her album and being blocked from her official account.

We’re having serious doubts Rihanna sent those messages, considering paparazzi found her relaxing on the beaches of Barbados this weekend.

Let’s suspend belief for a moment and assume John is the real deal. His Tweet about Beyonce and Jay Z claims the two have an album together, and he wants in. He Tweeted: “i am actually working my *** of to get on this Jay-z and Beyonce album.. it’s going to be #HUGE.. but back to talking about my wifes $ingle.”

This isn’t the first time the rumor popped up. Last April, entrepreneur and renowned industry source DJ Skee claimed the two had a joint album set for an exclusive release on TIDAL.

We’re under the impression Beyonce is focused on her sixth studio LP and Jay on launching ANTi, but if John is right than we can expect trap from Rihanna and a compilation of duets from hip-hop’s greatest.

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