Britney is no stranger to the court, and it looks like the two will rendezvous tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday June 17, for a “another probate hearing pertaining to her conservatorship.” According to, “the purpose of the hearing is to update the court on Britney’s capacity to participate in her own legal proceedings.”

Although it is being reported Britney will appear in court, I personally believe she will not be present. As for the conservatorship hearing… I’ll bet you a million dollars they continue their “Britney is too mentally ill to eat a bowl of cereal, but let’s put her to work anyway” campaign. Are they nuts? Her condition is so “tenuous” that she is incapable of taking care of herself, but is allowed to work on TV, on an album, workout everyday etc… Don’t you realize what they’re doing? The longer the conservatorship, the more money Jamie, her lawyers, her conservators etc. get? Do you think she likes being surrounded by her father, bodyguards she didn’t hire, and some personal assistant (who Britney fired in the past)? It kills me to see her fans are so blinded by all of this. I can’t wait til Britney is allowed to publicly speak. Wake up already.

The final hearing on the conservatorship will be held on July 31st.

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