Prince Royce Tells BreatheHeavy He’s Living The American Dream

May 18, 2015 By Jordan Miller

The “Back It Up” singer also talks about JLo’s famous assets.

Prince Royce Tells BreatheHeavy He's Living The American Dream

BreatheHeavy had a Q&A with Prince Royce at the Billboard Music Awards, and it went something like this:

What are you looking forward to most at the Billboard Awards?
I wanna see Kanye West perform. I think he’s a great performer. He’s always bringing something new. I’m presenting The Billboard Chart Achievement Award tonight, and I just released my second single in English it’s called “Back It Up” with JLo and Pitbull.

What’s it like working with JLo?
JLo is a doll. You see her on stage and you think ‘oh what a diva,’ but she is such a down to earth girl. Super cool. We always kick it, she’s a great girl. Pitbull is a hard worker as well. So I’m excited they came onto my first English album after releasing three albums in Spanish.

Future plans?
I’m excited for this summer! I’m going on tour with Ariana Grande (they haven’t had any interaction yet), so it should be fun. We’re just now planning the setlist and stuff like that, so I’m looking forward to hitting the road this summer.

What’s the third single going to be?
I don’t know! We just released “Back It Up” like last week (laughs), so I have no idea what the third single should be.

And about that American Idol performance?
JLo’s backing it up. What can I say? It’s a blessing. It feels good. I think anybody up there can agree that that would be a great feeling. I’m excited for the news that she just released; she’s coming to Vegas. I’m sure she’s gonna kill it. She goes hard with everything, so I’m sure she’s gonna go hard with this Vegas show.

What do you consider success in music?
It depends man. Some people see success as a lot of money, some people see success as radio play. I think success is whatever you want it to be. Being successful doesn’t mean being a millionaire or getting a big house. There’s success in many different levels. My parents came as immigrants from the Dominican Republic. That was an accomplishment for them. I think right now I’m feeling very successful. I think [this is] the American Dream. I grew up in a tough neighborhood in the Bronx, in The Projects, so I think I’m living the American dream right now.

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