It’s your new boyfriend.

Prince Royce Performs "Back It Up" On Good Morning America

You love the way he puts it down?

Prince Royce woke up bright and early to perform his recent hit “Back It Up” featuring Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez (though they didn’t take the stage this time). It’s a deliciously boisterous performance from the 26-year-old who released his new record, “Double Vision,” on Friday and features collaborations from the aforementioned, Kid Ink, Lil Jon and Snoop Dogg.

All my other albums have some English music,” Royce tells the NY Times in a new interview about why he decided to record an English album. ” I got that idea from Juan Luis Guerra. He has merengue, he has bachata, he has pop-leaning songs. I recorded 105 songs — ballads, dance records, EDM, straight-up urban, Enrique type of vibe, Ricky Martin type of vibe. It had to make sense in English, though. It’s not the same as doing bachata.”

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He adds, “There’s certain things I would say in Spanish that in English would be corny. Or things I would say in English that are too street, in Spanish they might sound vulgar. The singing is very different. Bachata is simplicity — it’s a very clear single voice.”

Watch Royce’s performance of “Back It Up” here: