Prince Royce Enlists Pitbull For “Back It Up”

May 1, 2015 By Jordan Miller

He got you stuck on a feelin, now he wants you to back it up!

Prince Royce Enlists Pitbull For "Back It Up"

Prince Royce snagged Pitbull for a new track, because why wouldn’t he?

If you want a generic hit that could trickle up the Billboard Hot 100, hire Pitbull and request he says “mommy” and booty” many times and you’re sure to get it. Royce is still new to the mainstream pop thing, so we understand his eagerness to pursue this collaboration, though we may not necessarily agree with it.

Notable lyrics:

“I love it when you drop it down / baby back back back it up”

The clip that leaked ahead of its May 4 release is low quality, but we can still decipher a good pop song when we hear one.

Listen to it here:

What do you think of Prince Royce’s song with Pitbull?