Jennifer Lopez sings in Spanish on “Back It Up.”

Prince Royce Enlists Jennifer Lopez And Pitbull For "Back It Up"

Jennifer Lopez finds herself on another song with Pitbull for the Spanish version of Prince Royce’s “Back It Up.”

(Snoop Dogg voice:) Prince Royce released “Back It Up” last week with Pitbull, but the latest version en español sees additional vocals provided from Miss Lopez. Her performance is the typical refreshing breath of Puerto Rican air we’re used to from Lopez, but we just can’t seem to convince ourselves why Pitbull is requested for every other three songs streaming in the Top 40. Does using the phrase “featuring Pitbull” after your song title increase your odds of a charting pop topper? It appears that way, and Prince Royce is smart for doing so… in multiple languages.

As we said before, it’s a solid pop song and that’s about it.

Listen to Prince Royce’s Spanish version of “Back It Up” featuring Pitbull and JLo here:

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