[Insert joke here.]

Kevin Federline’s new love interest Victoria Prince’s skeletons have begun to emerge. According to TMZ, “Prince was arrested for assault and disturbing the peace. But, she pled not guilty and the case was eventually dismissed.”

“Back in her high school days, she allegedly waged a terror campaign against three kids at her high school. Their parents filed a temporary restraining order against her, but the judge rejected it, telling the school to deal with it.

Vic was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon on school premises (a stun gun) and possession of alcohol by a minor — The docs were destroyed so we don’t know how it all turned out.”

Prince told TMZ later that the stun gun was “for protection,” because she had to “walk to her car late at night after volleyball practice.”

A.K.A. I’m a crazy *** ***** that has actually never heard of ~protection~ if you know what I mean.

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