All she needs is the rhythm. Her and the rhythm.


All Selena Gomez needs is a rhythm.

All Selena Gomez wants is for people to take her seriously as an artist and stop focusing on her personal life. If she could scream it, she’d probably say FOCUS ON ‘REVIVAL,’ MOTHER FUCKERS! And with songs like “Me & The Rhythm” off her impending record out Oct. 9, her message is loud and clear.

Selena Gomez announces her ‘Revival’ World Tour

A 30-second snippet of the song leaked last weekend, but Gomez promised the full ditty on Friday (Oct. 2). She posted a Tweet, saying “I have another #REVIVAL sneak peek for you tonight…”

Gomez shared the full thing since along with a preorder link.

The song is a mid-tempo tune about letting the “chemicals do its stuff till the energy is too much.” Vocals soar, beat pulsates. It’s the mature music we’ve been waiting for from Gomez this year, and the catalogue she wanted to drop.

Selena Gomez talks ‘Revival,’ girl power and her voice in Flare Magazine

Listen to it here: