Confidence is a must, cockiness is a plus.

Preview Demi Lovato's Second Max Martin-Produced Single "Confident"

Demi Lovato’s readies her second single “Confident.”

Following her smash hit “Cool For The Summer” is “Confident,” the second release off Demi’s forthcoming record. It was announced at the iHeartRadio music summit several weeks ago she’d promote the song in due time, and it appears that time has come. On Friday (Aug. 21), a low quality, 10-second clip of the song surfaced online – which usually means the full thing is around the corner.

Lovato celebrated her 23rd birthday on Thursday. She posed next to her newly unveiled wax figure, got a puppy named Batman and enjoyed a cover of “Cool For The Summer” from Kelly Clarkson. Perhaps she’ll return the love with a proper release of “Confident” in the coming days.

We won’t even attempt to describe it because, well… just listen:

Removed per request.

Via Ultimate Music