UPDATE: Watch a sneak peek of Britney sucking up some helium from a balloon and singing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

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UPDATE // SEPTEMBER 30: Heliumney.

Here’s a sneak peek of Britney sucking up some helium from a balloon and singing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

They also shared a promo which you can see below:

UPDATE // SEPTEMBER 29: Quotes. We have quotes, people.

The Mirror transcribed some of Britney’s forthcoming interview on The Jonathan Ross Show which airs Saturday, Oct. 1.

On dating: “I have a friend at home and he randomly sets me up with people on blind dates, it’s just awkward. It’s tricky. There have been two dates which have been cool but other than that it’s too much.

“There was this one guy and he looked like a lizard. I was so scared, I was like ‘Holy **** he looks just like a lizard!’. It was very bad, I left immediately. I called my friend, I was so mad, I was very angry. I would like someone who’s nice, overall a nice guy is a groundbreaking in this world. A lot of men are about games, it’s just a mind game with guys, you know, the calling back, it’s too much, it’s silly.”

She backtracked and added: “Actually, I’m not looking for a man right now, I’m happy with myself. I’m fine with the way I am.”

Parties in Vegas: “I am aware of the partying that’s going on, a lot of the people are very intoxicated at my shows. I actually got contact high. I haven’t smoked weed since I was like 17 years old and all of a sudden towards the end of the show it was so strong I couldn’t function, just from the contact of it, I was like, ‘Oh my goodness’, I had to leave, I had to go. I just said I can’t do it. There’s parties all around me. I just don’t go in there, they are private parties, there’s a lot of drugs involved inside. It’s right across the hall from me.”

Sean Preston doesn’t like mama’s music: “His father is a DJ and he’s actually going to give his dad a run for his money, he’s very good. When I recorded my record I would bring it home and a lot of the songs he was like, ‘Mum, this isn’t really good’. He would tell me straight up. I really do respect his ear because he knows, as the young generation. That’s his thing. I don’t want them to do any particular thing with their lives, I just want them to be strong men, I just hope I give them wisdom and be a good mother to them.”

So far, no mention of the conservatorship or smoking weed at 17-years-old quotes, meaning it won’t likely make the final cut.


Britney held nothing back during her interview on the Jonathan Ross Show.

In case you’re living under a very large, unmovable rock, the “Slumber Party” singer is taking London by storm this week.

Live Review: Britney Spears – Apple Music Festival, 2016

She kicked off her trip with a performance at the Apple Music Festival on Tuesday (Sep. 27), then the following day geared up for a mini promo tour that included chats on BBC Radio 1 and the Jonathan Ross Show. The latter airs Saturday, Oct. 1.

The only insight we have for her stint on the JRS is on-site fan reaction. One lucky fan who attended the taping took to Twitter to mention several important updates about the pop star’s interview, including a mention of the conservatorship she’s been placed under since 2008.

According to Twitter user @FeimM, here are the highlights:

■ Britney said the conservatorship restricted her from recording the kind of music she wanted to before Glory.

“Okay, so I have this conservatorship. I’ve been under this conservatorship for three years and I felt like a lot of decisions were made for me, so I wanted [Glory] to be my baby and I’ve been really strategic about it,” she reportedly said.

■ Called Rihanna’s VMA outfit in her opening number “******* dope.”
■ Doesn’t party in Vegas because there’s tons of drugs.
■ Went on a date with a guy who resembled a lizard.
■ Admitted to farting on stage.
■ Tried smoking weed at 17 (and delves into cutting one Circus show short because of a “contact high” from the blazing audience).
■ Performed “Make Me”

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