A pretrial hearing is scheduled for today concerning Britney’s driving without a license case, with the real hearing scheduled for next Wednesday, October 15th.

According to TMZ, “Brit and her people were trying to have the case put on hold or dismissed entirely, but things will go on as planned.”

Flanagan, Britney’s attorney, wanted the judge to stop the trial, at least for now, because of the conservatorship. According to documents released last week, Britney is still “unable to participate meaningfully in her defense.”

“Last year Britney was cited because her license was from Louisiana, not California. The case has been to court more than Gloria Allred, but the prosecutor and defense lawyer couldn’t settle. Sources say during a meeting in his chambers regarding Britney’s license trial, the judge said he doesn’t want to be criticized for giving Britney Spears special treatment,” reports TMZ.

He’s certainly giving her special treatment alright…

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