German producer LYOD’s new song “Run Away” is a comment on the digital age.

German producer LYOD’s electro-tinged new song “Run Away” is a comment on the digital age.

The Internet can be a lot. We’re constantly bombarded with irrelevant information and ideals of how we should look or be. Eighteen-year-old DJ LYOD’s new tune “Run Away,” which premieres on today (August 18), is a chance for listeners to escape from all of the noise.

“The lyric inspiration comes from daily things, especially from the social media culture nowadays,” LYOD said. “As Alex Lucas and I made the track, we wanted to make a song which gives listeners the chance to escape from their daily lives and to run and fly away into a place free from any negative feelings, a paradise.”

Vibrant synths and a tropical drum wrap around Lucas’ soaring lyrics. “But I ́m just now wise / Enough to see the truth / People don ́t care they always lie Ooh I wish that I could run away / Ooh I wish that I could fly.”

What does LYOD want people to take away from it? “On one hand, people should feel happy and free when they listen to the song. On the other hand it was important for me to create a longing feeling and thereby to make people thoughtful.”

Listen below:

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