The Danish singer flips the script in the “Remedy” music video.

Ea Kaya flips the script in the “Remedy” music video.

The rising Danish singer-songwriter is on the path to super stardom. “Remedy” has already racked up more than 250,000 plays on Spotify alone(!!!), and now there’s a colorful new music video for it premiering exclusively on today (Dec. 7).

In “Remedy,” Kaya sings about depending on a lover despite their missteps. “You can f–k it up if you want to / I still need you, I-I still need you, she sings over a stuttering synths. “I don’t give a f–k, cause I want you.”

The rising teen pop star says the song “is about toxic love.”

“In a relationship, it’s rare that both parties want each other equally,” she says. “As soon as you start catching feelings for someone, you can’t help but get a little addicted to that person. If you’re down, he’s able to make you forget your problems for a little while. He becomes a remedy to your dark sides. It’s risky though, because if he finds out, he might take advantage of the power he has over you.”

It’s actually quite sad, but the video is anything but.

“‘Remedy’ is not an uplifting story,” Kaya tells “When you listen to the song, you’ll expect the video to follow a dramatic storyline – probably using a gloomy colour-palette to match the feeling. We chose to do the exact opposite. There’s no clear composition in the video and we’ve used as many bright colours as possible. We wanted to add some fun to the song. Surprise and entertain.”

As for what Kaya wants people to take away from the clip? “It may sound strange, but I hope people will be left with a mixed vibe after watching the video,” she explains. “I want them to understand ‘Remedy’ and listen to the lyrics. But I also want them to feel the energy of the video. It’s a vibrant one in constant motion, and it’s supposed to leave the viewer with an urge to watch it again.”

Give the video a play (or several) below:

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