Britney, it’s time to take a break — from your usual fashion sense. Now that your belly is going to grow ever larger with the Federline fetus, you might want to reconsider some of your current clothing choices, because bare midriffs and dirty cutoffs just don’t work on expectant mothers. Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson have all managed what Us Weekly calls “bump chic,” and Brit can, too.

“Britney has the potential to be a ****, stylish mama, but she’s got to clean up her act,” said Dale Hrabi, author of Us Weekly’s new book, “Secrets of Celebrity Style.”

For starters, Hrabi suggested, Spears should take a cue from her pregnant peers and adopt a look that incorporates her individual fashion sense but adapts to her changing form. She can still wear low-riding denim, like Paltrow managed to do during her 2004 pregnancy, by getting stretchy versions of low-rise, vintage-cut jeans with three-button flares such as those custom-made by Los Angeles maternity line Childish (co-owned by the wife of Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, Skye Hoppus, who’s also dressed moms-to-be such as Courtney Cox Arquette). “Britney’s big problems are gaudiness and sloppiness,” Hrabi said. “If she could play it simpler with a plain black top and undistressed jeans, like Gwyneth, she could look cooler pregnant than she ever has.”
Other cool maternity clothes Spears could grow into include empire-waist dresses, harem tops, yoga pants and adjustable wrap tops, like the one Claudia Schiffer layered over a cotton camisole and a print skirt. “That’s a good way for Brit to look tidier and less like her clothes are falling off,” Hrabi said.

Spears can still show some skin, as she’s prone to do, but she might want to bare shoulders and neckline, not belly. To deal with her expanding bosom, wide shoulder straps can help prevent Brit from looking too top-heavy, and wearing a strong, simple color like black or pink can lengthen her as she’s widening. “She’d want to show off some skin, cleavage and arms, because after all, she’s Britney Spears,” Hrabi said.

Spears also has a tendency to go barefoot or to wear heels or Uggs — and might we suggest the latter? Hudson maintained a comfortable California bohemian look with her Uggs as she went from 112 to 172 pounds during her pregnancy. “This is a better rendition of Brit’s usual laid-back style,” Hrabi said. “You can still have the Ugg boots, but Hudson wears them with pretty boho separates, not slutty cutoffs.”

If she does go for the heels, try what Witherspoon did and wear “delicate, barely there shoes.” Those will make “her legs look longer and her bulky body more elegant,” Hrabi suggested, “even when you’re as big as one of your mansions.”

— Jennifer Vineyard

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