Selena Gomez wants to give back by recording a Christian album.

Selena Gomez wants to give back by recording a Christian album.

The pop star has been hard at work on a followup to 2015’s Revival. We don’t know much about it, but according to a semi-obnoxious report from some guy named Rob Shuter reporting for some tabloid site named (no shade), it’s laced with religious undertones. Something no one wanted.

“Selena has been playing around with a new sound and has been interested in recording a Christian album,” sources tell them.

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“God and church is a huge part of her life and she wants to celebrate her beliefs by doing what she does best – singing. Her team would rather that she focus on another pop album that will sell much better, but Selena is insisting that she wants to give back.”

It’s worth mentioning this same site ~exclusively revealed~ Justin Bieber had immediate plans to propose to Selena last year, and here we are with a newly single Selena Gomez (keep up), so take the news with a grain of salt.

In 2016, Gomez said Revival cut “Nobody” is about her relationship with God. Get ready for more slinky odes to Jesus. I’m ready.

Her Purpose is coming.

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  1. YASS!!!!!! Now get back together with Justin (if they’re actually broken up again) and get some features together and do a joint tour. Put the JayZ/Beyoncé tour to shame.

  2. If it’s true, I’m down for this. So tired of the basic music with stupid lyrics these days. Pop music used to have really deep lyrics back in the day even though they were usually giddy or upbeat. If she’s passionate about it, I’d love it her to do it. Also, Christian music actually does very well on the charts compared to mainstream music often, because people replay it because it’s a big part of the community, and it’s filled with aspiring musicians. 🙂

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