Praise Afroki In Steve Aoki, Afrojack & Bonnie Mckee’s Collaboration

June 2, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Another crazy visual from the talented Steve Aoki.

Praise Afroki In Steve Aoki, Afrojack & Bonnie Mckee's Collaboration

Steve Aoki and Afrojack deliver a wacky futuristic visual featuring Bonnie McKee.

To promote their “Afroki” remixes released on iTunes today (the original landed on Aoki’s “Neon Future I”), Steve Aoki and Afrojack join forces alongside Bonnie McKee for a bonkers video immortalizing the powerhouse EDM DJs – with McKee at the center of it all. They poke fun at what it might look like if they scrapped the predictable music video ideas and instead serve us something far more menacing. In the Tim Hendrix-directed clip, mad scientist Bonnie McKee preserves the heads of Aoki and Afrojack in two enclosed glass jars for the people of their planet to worship. Their essence is solidified as deities of the futuristic city, parading around the club scene as people bow in their presence.

The song might be old, but the remixes aren’t! Check out the new video here:

Via Ultimate Music

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