Potential Brit-Split Would See Baby Go To Britney

December 14, 2005 By Jordan Miller

COSTA RICA — (PRESS RELEASE) — Everyone’s favorite trashy couple, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, are reportedly having some marital problems revolving around Kevin’s inability to settle down and become a responsible husband and father. This comes as an extreme shock to those who felt that Federline had world’s-greatest-father potential, even after leaving Shar Jackson, the mother of his daughter Kori, while she was pregnant with his son Kaleb. Now that Britney and Kevin have a baby boy, a potential Brit-Split for Kevin could lead to an interesting custody situation over young Sean Preston. This situation has Betmaker wondering, if Kevin “gets served” with divorce papers from the world’s trashiest poptart, who would get custody over their baby?
According to a new prop bet and set of odds on Betmaker.com, Britney is most likely to wind up with the child. This would most likely be due to concern that a baby raised by Federline would probably starve or suffer from moderate to extreme levels of neglect. Britney being granted custody of Sean Preston in the event of a split is a favorite at 2 to 1.
Betmaker visitors will find 20 to 1 odds that a court would award Kevin custody of his son. Having no tangible or obvious skills and talent, having the ability to sell pictures of his child to the tabloids may be the only way for Kevin to live the kind of lifestyle he has grown accustomed to with Britney.
Betmaker also has posted odds that Britney’s mother would be granted custody of Sean Preston (5 to 1) in an attempt to give the child a proper upbringing and a diet that no longer includes malt liquor and cheese-doodles, or that Shar Jackson would gain custody of the child and reunite the world’s Feder-spawn under one roof (30 to 1).
“Britney and Kevin shocked the world when they got married and had a baby,” said Silvia Vasquez, General Manager at Betmaker. “What doesn’t shock anyone is the fact that their relationship might be on the rocks. This prop allows our visitors to be a part of this unfolding, real-life soap opera, and wager on the future of their favorite trashy couple.”

Source: rgtonline.com