Poppy unleashed a bass heavy banger with “Voicemail.”

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The elusive singer-songwriter kept her promise. Poppy recently told us in our interview together she was in the recording studio working on new music, and despite having released a new album just a few short months ago, Am I A Girl?, she’s already onto the next.

Poppy and frequent collaborator, Titanic Sinclair, created a monster they’re calling “Voicemail.” The song is ferocious, and the black & white video even more so. In it, pop star deploys a hellish gaze as a thunderous bass and glitchy computer beeps rattle your senses. It’s a lot to absorb.

‘This was the first music video that we’ve done just us two together, we usually get some help but we wanted to see if we could make something magic,” Poppy told Forbes of the track. “My favorite lyric is probably in the first verse, the one about ‘Blood on my necklace and blood on my clothes.'”

♫ “Baby wants to come home to daddy / Poppy is your mommy”

It sounds a bit reminiscent of Brooke Candy’s “My ***” (a compliment).

In our chat, Poppy said pop music is dead. If “Voicemail” doesn’t revive the genre a bit, then I’ll call you an ambulance. Hopefully they pick up.

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