After years of mind games, Poppy is free from an ominous character.

Poppy first made a splash with a series of bizarre videos on YouTube where, through the eyes of a computer, talks to mannequins and sings about the inevitable implosion of the human race. The machines will survive the worldwide web apocalypse and succeed people. Great! This curious and probably true point of view bottled up in a pop singer was co-created alongside a man named Titanic Sinclair

Titanic remained a controversial figure in the world of Poppy because fans were under the impression he has some kind of gripping mind control over the complex crooning creature, but after my interview with Poppy earlier this year, she made it clear she was very much aware, and very much calling the shots. Evidently… still is.

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Poppy confirmed she and Sinclair have parted ways, though it wasn’t a clean break.

Poppy says Sinclair tried to manipulate her by attempting commit suicide with one of her belongings. Sinclair also allegedly tried mind games on a woman he previously worked with known as Mars Argo. Their split was messy. Argo filed a lawsuit against Poppy and Sinclair for essentially stealing her artistic persona. They ultimately settled.

Poppy addresses Sinclair and Argo in her harrowing revelation.

“As some of you may know my former creative partner and I have partied ways,” she begins. “This was a long time coming but this is a person whom I defended in the past because I thought he was just misunderstood. The reason I am making this statement is due to the amount of misinformation online about me and my character and I owe it to myself to clear a few things up.”

She continues, “I met this person at a young age and things were seemingly good for a while until echoes from his past were too loud to ignore.”

“I was never ‘an accomplice’ to this person’s past actions like some believe – I was a person who suffered similar wrong doings as one of his former partners brought to light.”

“This person glamorizes suicide and has used it many times in the past to manipulate me. And the last time I finally had enough.”

“As a grab for attention he messaged fans before he tried hanging himself while I was on tour with an item that belonged to me. These are tactics that he used for years. This person lives an illusion that he is a gift to this Earth. He weaved himself into a storyline, wanting the public to believe he was a puppeteer, which is so far from the truth.”

“I was trapped in a mess that I needed too dig my way out – and like I always do, I figured out how to handle it.”

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  1. Yes! Drag him, Poppy!

    Honestly, I’m glad she said something about Titanic because her take on the situation was really hard to get. I couldn’t really tell if Titanic was a bad guy or if Poppy really thought he was amazing. I do think Poppy and Mars are pretty different in a lot ways so she shouldn’t have really been lumped into that drama.

    1. Yea I’m glad she said something too. Would like to point out she was a good interviewee. She kept up the Poppy character the whole time which at the time kinda irked me (but in a good way)

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