Pop-Tarts X-Tina & Britney Make Nice

November 25, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Everyone has a falling out with their friends once in a while… but when you’re a celebrity, it’s a big deal.

So when Christina Aguilera, The ‘Dirrty’ singer, who this weekend married Jordan Bratman in a secret ceremony – called for a truce and said she wants to be friends – It’s a headline for sure.

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera used to be buddies way back when they were blossoming young girls and appearing on The Mickey Mouse Club together.

Aguilera revealed: “I sent Britney a gift basket, and she phoned me to say thanks.”

Christina admits the pair have a lot of catching up to do, and says she still can’t believes Britney has a baby, Sean Preston, and is married, to former dancer Kevin Federline.

“It’s weird, you’ve known this person since she was a girl and now she’s doing all these grown up things.” the **** newlywed said.

The pair first fell out in 2003, after Christina reportedly got up close and personal with Britney’s ex Justin Timberlake at an Awards ceremony.

The two pop divas then embarked on a bitter war of words, with Aguilera famously branding Spears’s wedding “cheap” and claiming the ‘Toxic’ star had “let herself go” while she was pregnant. Spears, refused to invite Aguilera to her and Kevin’s wedding and hit back saying the blonde beauty was a “dark” person.

“It’s been quite a journey for both of us. We’ve just ended up at very different places in our lives,” Aguilera said.

Source: postchronicle.com