The perfect video does exist.

The perfect video does exist.

Whether you’re a spiritual person or not, this newly-created video of Christina Aguilera talking about Britney Spears throughout her career will bring you closer to a higher power. 

See what Exhale is saying about this.


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Xtina carried her umbrella around in the year 2004, but the rest of her responses from the early days and 2010-2013 are nothing but heart-warming. You’d think after being asked the same question for more than a decade that Christina would go full on Beyonce Super Bowl Hulk mode, but she’s genuinely sweet and respectful every time. A pro!

For whatever reason, The Britney Army and Fighters still duke it out in the comments sections of your fav’s social media channels, but hopefully this clip can put the fan-feud to rest (I enjoy delusion, apparently).

Take a trip down memory lane and give this video (created by Exhale member The Greatest Show) a play:

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