Pop Gems You Need To Hear

April 24, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Listen to the latest from Holychild, Galantis and Jacquie Lee.

Pop Gems You Need To Hear

When we’re posting about Britney, Madonna and TIDAL… we might miss out on a couple noteworthy pop songs that deserve similar attention.

Here’s our opportunity to make it up to you. Check out a handful of songs you should listen to over the weekend.

Christian Burghardt

Burghardt signed to Dr. Luke’s label and dropped an EP last fall, but only now has he released a proper visual for his single “Safe Place To Land.”

It’s been really cool! Dr. Luke is more like— he hasn’t been necessarily hands on with my project, he’s more like my boss, the top, head honcho guy for me,” Burghardt tells PopCrush in March. “He’s the CEO for my label. On my label, Kemosabe Records, I’m probably one of the only acoustic, really stripped-down acts, you know? I’m a lot different than the other acts on my label. More so Dr. Luke oversees things and listens to my songs when they’re finished and decides which ones are the cream of the crop.”

His simplistic beachy music video is perfect for summer, but it’s the airy guitar riffs and energetic vocals that might infect our radio stations to the point of overplay.


The L.A.-based duo made up of Liz Nistico and Louie Diller harmonize almost too perfectly on this thumping pop mid-tempo banger. The building background synths backed by echoing vocals accompany Nistico’s sweet and salty vocal performance. “I have my money all around / just take your clothes off / make me proud.” Now that’s what we like to hear!

Oliver Nelson Remix

Blonde & Alex Newell’s “All Cried Out” gets a new remix from Oliver Nelson, giving the disco bopper a fresh overlay of beats and groove.

Jacquie Lee

Sia penned “Tears Fall” for 17-year-old upon her dismissal from The Voice who garnered attention from Christina Aguilera. “Tears fall and I know that this pain is just a part of life,” Lee sings in her radio-friendly heartbreak anthem.

Guena LG

The electro EDM-inspired track is the latest from up-and-comer Guena LG and features vocals from Maya Simantov. “The song is about this complex feeling called love,” Gunea tells BreatheHeavy.com. “It’s indomitable, can be as good as bad, and when you feel it’s finally there, it might already have gone… again.”

“I’ve always been amazed by Maya Simantov’s voice, could it be with her own tracks, or her different collaborations with Offer Nissim,” he adds. “I always write and produce my tracks, having in mind who I would like to get as vocalist for it.”


“Peanut Butter Jelly” is the latest Swedish pop brainchild of Christian Karlsson, AKA Bloodshy of Bloodyshy & Avant and Linus Eklöw from Style Of Eye. The robotic voice with the electro-disco background makes for a unique sound unlike anything circulating the airwaves currently.