Whatcha think about that?

Whatcha think about that?

This rumor pops up about once a year, but it appears the time around the rumor has more traction. The Sun claims Nicole Scherzinger is planning to reunite The Pussycat Dolls in 2018 nearly 10 years after they split. Interesting.

An ~insider~ tells them: “talk of the girls ­getting back together has been rife for a few years now and they have finally found a time which works for them all. They are still deciding whether it will involve a full tour or just a handful of performances but they are excited to be getting out there together again.”

The internal drama is water under the bridge. “The girls feel the time is right to let bygones be bygones and put any differences they had behind them and celebrate the great songs they made.”

And get this: they want to release NEW music. “As well as their old tunes, they are hoping to treat fans with new music, too.”

Scherzinger has had an uphill battle becoming a mainstream pop gal in the states, so this could be her golden ticket. At least I hope so. At the very least we’ll get a couple of new bops.

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