This is not a drill.

New Robyn is out!


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Robyn’s new tune “Missing U” has arrived. 

“Call Your Girlfriend’s” little sis is a synth-tastic dance track produced by Robyn, Joseph Mount and Klas Ahlund.

It’s a sugary pop track that’s this summer’s guiltiest pleasure. My biggest complaint is that it didn’t drop in May. Pool party playlists everywhere need an updating.

Listen below:


We haven’t heard a peep about Robyn’s new music since February (see below), but that’s all changed.

At the time of posting, Shazam showed a listing for the pop star’s new song. It’s called “Missing U.”

It appears the track already leaked onto the Internet, but for copyright reasons I can’t point you in the right direction.

According to a screen-shot posted on Reddit, the track is nearly five minutes long and slated to officially premiere on August 1st.

Its rumored producers are Metronomy and Klas Åhlund.

She even hinted at the song title in a new Tweet (see below).


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You ready?!



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Nearly eight years have passed(!!!) since the singer unleashed a proper studio album, but that’s all about to change.

Robyn replied to a fan’s Tweet confirming her Body Talk followup will arrive some time this year(!!!).



“Who decides your next album release date tbh,” a fan Tweeted. “I do. Some time this year honey,” she responded(!!!).

In the time since her 2010 pop opus, Robyn has collaborated with La Bagatelle Magique & Maluca on a track titled “Love Is Free.” She also teamed up with Magique on “Set Me Free.” Last year, the singer shared a song titled “Honey” in an episode of HBO’s Girls. Listen to that here.

2018 pop music needs Robyn.


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