Are the Jonas Brothers making a comeback?

Are The Jonas Brothers making a comeback?

The band reactivated their Instagram account late Monday night, leaving fans to wonder if a return is imminent.

The guys disbanded n 2013 due to “creative differences” and to focus on solo careers.

Making a move on Instagram – whether deleting every photo or reactivating – is a very 2018 way to clue your followers in that something is on the horizon without actually having to make a mention of it.

Why now? Nick has arguably found the most mainstream success with his solo venture (he even recently released a new lead single). Joe is the lead singer of DNCE, who produced a couple of charting hits. Kevin started a family and, yeah, I don’t know what else he’s up to. It could be the worst timing ever, or the best. 

I’m here for it. Twitter reacts…

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