Dua Lipa taps Ariana Grande for new song “Bad To You.”

Dua Lipa taps Ariana Grande for new song “Bad To You.”

I don’t have much to write here besides OH MY GODDDDD, because seemingly out of nowhere, a 16-second clip of Dua and Ari singing together on a song possibly titled “Bad To You” popped up on song streaming website Audio Mack (unfortunately, I cannot link you to it). The snippet featured a Music Mafia audio tag on it – they are notorious in the industry for selling and trading top secret, heavily guarded music. This is the real deal, folks.


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“Tell me why are you only good to me when I’m bad to you,” Dua sings over laid-back production and an icy beat. “Stop thinking like a victim,” Ariana bites back.

What can we take away from this? Well, they’re claiming Ari is the feature on it, meaning the track could land on Dua’s forthcoming album, which she describes as pop, but “definitely leaning a lot more towards a bit more soulful.” There’s also a real possibility it will be left on the cutting room floor for good (though I have a sneaking suspicion the full track will leak sooner than later).

From what I heard, the clip is also VERY good. Both ladies’ vocals sound phenomenal.

I don’t think the Internet saw this collab coming, but I’m so glad it is.


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