Tabloids beware: Britney Spears is suing anyone daring enough to publish stolen photos of her month-old son, Sean Preston. Following a photo shoot of Spears, her husband Kevin Federline and their baby, the pictures were stolen, Spears reported in a press release on Friday. In the past, Spears has been very welcoming to the media’s invasion of her privacy-as long as she benefited from it, of course. For example, Spears commissioned official coverage of her wedding to Federline, and she even sold camcorder footage of her and Kevin to UPN for Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, a reality series featuring the couple. Spear was originally planning on continuing this profitable habit by selling her photos of baby Federline to People magazine. However, Spears ended up backing out of the deal, telling the New York Post that she was afraid of “selling out her baby.” Thus far, Spears’ baby has maintained a low profile. Only poor quality, telephoto lens pictures of the baby have made it into the papers. This sign of responsibility and respect for her baby comes as a surprise from the same person who asked the crew of her reality show what their favorite *** positions were while on camera.


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