Plus, find out who else we’d like to see at Glasto this summer.


Glastonbury have released their first line-up announcement, and you’ll be pleased to know that plenty of your favourite pop acts have made the cut.

It’s a good year for pop music on the festival scene.

Although Glastobury have played host to some great pop musicians in recent memory, they’re traditionally a festival that tends to favor indie and rock acts, which is why it’s refreshing to see such a variety of pop stars planning to take the stage at one of the world’s biggest festivals this summer.

Following their announcement that Kanye West would headline the Saturday night slot on the Pyramid Stage (and the subsequent vitriol that poured out of the Internet), Glastonbury took to social media to let us know most of the other acts that will be playing this summer.

As well as Kanye, pop, R&B and dance stars who’ll be hitting the stage include:

Pharrell Williams,
Mary J. Blige,
Mark Ronson,
Azealia Banks,
Florence + The Machine,
Clean Bandit,
Jessie Ware,
Charli XCX,
La Roux and
Ella Eyre

The festival has yet to announce the third and final headliner (the Foo Fighters grabbed the first slot) although given that Kanye is performing on Saturday, it’s a safe bet to assume that Sunday’s headlining act will be something a little more ‘traditionally’ Glasto (despite those pesky rumors that it’ll be a metal band).

We’d love to see people like Marina and the Diamonds, Ed Sheeran and Nile Rodgers added to the line-up, although some more ‘pop’ popstars wouldn’t go amiss either. Names like Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Madonna get bandied about a lot although we rarely see Glastonbury acting on them. Madonna may well be a long-shot because if she was performing she’d undoubtedly be worthy of a headlining slot and with the Kanye controversy it feels unlikely that she’d be considered a safe enough bet. Similarly, Rihanna may well join West for part of his set but it doesn’t feel like she’d take the stage solo.

Whoever else does end up added to the list it’s sure to be a great year and BreatheHeavy will be in attendance to provide you with all the updates.

Who would you like to see added to the Glastonbury 2015 lineup?