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Poll: The X Factor Vs. The Voice

Sure, the United States is voting for the next President of the United States today, but we have bigger fish to fry!‘s asking readers which singing competition is better: The X Factor Vs. The Voice.

Christina talks about Britney on The X Factor in a new interview, saying:

Interviewer: Speaking of The Voice, how did you feel when Britney Spears joined it’s rival show the X Factor?
Christina: I was happy for her. [Laughs]

Interviewer: Did you take it personally?
Christina: Here’s the thing, for years we’ve been quoted as being rivals, but it really isn’t like that. I’m happy for her. I was surprised at first as I didn’t really think it’d be her thing, I never really see her as someone who would want to sit there and judge somebody on their talent, it’s just not a show I ever thought she’d be signed up for, but if she’s happy, then that’s all that matters.

Obvi The X Factor should win, and is currently up in the polls, but let’s unite and take home the win for Brit.


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