It’s Britney *****. Lol. Filming Mike Posner & Spoken-Word poet In-Q and we caught Diva Supreme in the crowd. #dc3global #BritneySpears #camera #video @danielcatullo @avi_cohen

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I used to think: I had the answers to everything. But now I know life doesn’t always go my way.

-Snaps fingers-

Britney’s on track to make her ninth studio album her best yet, getting inspiration from the wise words of Mike Posner & “Spoken-Word poet” In-Q during what appears to be a poetry reading this weekend. “Britney Jean” was labeled her most personal album to date, but it’s the next installment that’s shaping to be just that – mixed with a little bit of rock & roll.

Though the Queen’s presence was unannounced, they did catch her and boyfriend Charlie Ebersol on film looking enthralled and engaged (not that kind). See a few more snaps:

Poetney Getting Inspired For Album 9

I smell your breath, it makes me cry.