She’s got some things to say.

Pink’s seventh studio album Beautiful Trauma is exactly that.

The singer might seem like she has it all: fame, fortune, a steady marriage and two beautiful kids, but on Beautiful Trauma, Pink reveals there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Pink kicked off the era with “What About Us,” a mid-tempo sleepy power ballad that’s social-political commentary on how tumultuous (and terrible) recent times have been. She quickly followed up with “Whatever You Want,” a radio-friendly cut that will soundtrack her inevitable aerial performances quite perfectly. And despite her best efforts, “Revenge” also made the rounds. It features Eminem, and doesn’t sound like how you’d expect it to – it’s playful and, as she puts it, really “funny.”

But there’s some real sadness on Beautiful Trauma, as well. “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” is really heavy. “I will have to die for this I fear / There’s rage and terror and there’s sickness here,” she sings over a somber piano. “I fight because I have to / I fight for us to know the truth.”

And on “Secrets,” P!nk gets vulnerable. “I let the walls come down / I let the monster out, and it’s coming after me,” she croons over a sugary beat and warm background vocals. “Do you feel exposed where it hurts the most? / Can you wear it on your sleeve?”

It’s very cliché to say an artist’s latest project is their most personal effort to date, but it’s been five years since P!nk unleashed a pop record on us, and she’s “got some things to say.”

Stream Beautiful Trauma below:

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