A second teaser of the music video hit the net.


UPDATE: Access Hollywood premiered a second teaser different from the one below.


P!nk premiered a clip of her upcoming “Just Like Fire” music video on Ellen.

P!nk recently debuted her original song for the upcoming Alice Through The Looking Glass movie, and swung by Ellen to share a preview of the song’s music video.

“The hanging upside-down part is challenging,” P!nk tells Ellen. In the preview, she’s seen twirling on circus silks and flipping upside down inside an enchanting castle library. “It’s not a good look,” she continues, “that’s why it’s not a close-up…people look crazy upside-down.”

Ellen also surprises P!nk with an Emmy award for recording Ellen‘s theme song “Today’s The Day.”

“What do you mean? That’s not true!” P!nk says stunned. “Well thanks, that’s never happened before! That’s mine?”

She couldn’t believe it. “Why don’t you trust me?” Ellen says.

“Cause I know you!”

Watch below (video preview at 3:42):

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