Say it isn’t so!

Britney recently re-signed her contract with Candie’s.

That’s nice and all, but did I miss the press release saying Kohl’s now sells dresses for the Grammys?

Chief marketing officer Dari Marder hints Britney will wear a Candie’s dress in a recent Tweet, saying:

Think they’ll make her wear a candy necklace, too?

Hopefully she didn’t auction off her VMA dress yet!

UPDATE: Ms. Marder updated her Twitter account again, asking followers which dress they prefer for the Clive Davis Grammy party. She did not specify if they are meant for Britney, though I can’t imagine who else she’s referring to (herself?).

I have no opinion, but if I HAD to choose, I’d say the black.

Like the true superstar that she is!

I’m thinking Candie’s Chief marketing officer Dari Marder is loving the attention she’s getting as of late.

We love it, too!

Check out this shot Dari uploaded of (what looks like) Britney being waited on hand and foot as she prepares for the Grammys:

In the picture caption, Dari writes “it takes a village.”

Still a diva, and we love that, too!

UPDATE 2: Dari Marder confirms it’s Brooke Shields… not Britney!

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