Music news is the best. It’s like Christmas… ****, it’s even better! It’s like when you start pouring cereal into the bowl and a little toy falls out – and it doesn’t matter if you’re 6 years old or 40, you always say “ha cool!” out loud. Oh the simple pleasures in life.

JunkieXL, a musician, programmer and remixer, has confirmed he’s has written 3 tracks for Britney’s 6th studio album. JunkieXL, most known for his remixes of “And Then We Kiss,” & “Gimme More,” says he is signed on for the next album: “Yes, he’s doing 3 tracks,” says a source at Dutch website “She already has the rough demo’s and it’s now up to her what she’ll do with it.”

He goes on to say that there are about 20 songwriters working on Britney’s new album which, according to him, is scheduled for a release in April ’09. But wait, it gets better…

Britney may be begging you for mercy! Sounds hot, but that’s not what I meant. According to The Mirror, Britney wants Welsh singer Duffy to record a track with the pop princess. Duffy, on the bill at V in Chelmsford yesterday – has been sent a song by Britney along with a note saying “Duet with me.” American Britney, 26, who’s already delivered seven songs for the album, wants Duffy to join her on lyrics addressed to a man who’s two-timing.

An insider said: “Britney’s producers are chewing their fingernails waiting for Duffy’s reply.”

The report surfaces one week after Britney told OK! Magazine that she liked Duffy’s music.

So JunkieXL and Duffy will make what, the 82nd & 83rd people collaborating on the next album? The more the merrier!

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